Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Cancer awareness and prevention has always been a core initiative for us here at York Against Cancer, as our founders believed it was vital for members of the public to be armed with information to help them stay healthy and to reduce the anxiety that people often feel about the disease.

Early on in our history we began to reach out to schools as a way of spreading important health messages, reasoning that through educating and influencing children we would not only build knowledge for the future but pass that knowledge on from children to their parents.

Today, we educate all age groups about cancer and the work of the charity through our online and social media channels as well as through our leaflets and DVDs.

We go into primary schools to talk to the children about sun awareness and we give every reception aged child in York and surrounding area a sunhat, absolutely free of charge (pictured above). In one recent year, that meant distributing 2,677 hats to five-year-olds at  83 primary schools in what has become an annual sun awareness campaign for us.