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Give a donation in your will

York Against Cancer would not be where it is today without the kind and generous donations of all our supporters.

Your kind legacy donations have helped to fund some of our biggest developments – including Yorkshire’s first mobile chemotherapy unit. 

If you’d like to give something back when your time comes, we always appreciate a legacy donation, no matter how small. We often honour those who have left us donations, for example by naming the item your donation has paid for and thanking your family for your generous gift. . You can leave a legacy donation to York Against Cancer in a few ways:

Pecuniary gifts

These are monetary gifts with a fixed value – for example, you might leave £5,000 to York Against Cancer in your will. You can also choose to leave a percentage of your final estate (everything that you own including land and individual bank accounts). However, it’s usually best to leave a specific value, as percentages can technically decrease in value over time.

Residuary gifts 

After the rest of your estate has been distributed, for example any homes or land you own and specific monetary amounts, there may be some ‘left over’. You can assign this to a charity like York Against Cancer. Your solicitors will be able to calculate how much this is worth and donate it to the charity.

Contingent gifts

In these cases, you would leave a monetary sum to York Against Cancer in your will, providing another condition has been met. For example, you and a loved one might both have a contingent donation to York Against Cancer. If your loved one passes before you, then you could leave a donation  in your will – this would be the ‘contingency’, that your loved one dies first.

Specific gifts

Some donors prefer to leave a donation other than money, for example a piece of jewellery or a high-value item. Others prefer to leave something that can be displayed, such as a tree or park bench.

Setting up a charity donation

All you need to do is quote our name and charity number when you make your will. The York Against Cancer registered charity number is 1130835, and your solicitor will be able to talk you through how it works.

As ever, we appreciate any donation you can offer. Leaving a legacy donation is a fantastic way to continue making your mark upon the world, and helping those who helped you.