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How to get started

The best way to fundraise for us is to set up an online donation page – you can find us on Just Giving. Please note that some organisations such as JustGiving will charge a nominal platform fee, so we recommend telling sponsors about this. They can pay the charge themselves, or it will come out of the fundraising total. 

These pages are very simple to set up and work very well for York Against Cancer. They give us full visibility of all your donations, so we can always get in touch to say thank you.

We can also send you Gift Aid and sponsorship forms to get your fundraising off the ground. Gift Aid will ensure that current UK taxpayers add an extra 25% to their donation at no cost to them – this is supplemented by the government. 

You can contact us for further information you might need on organising events and getting your donation to York Against Cancer. 

How to return your money

If you’re collecting donations in cash, we would recommend counting the final total and dropping in to give us the donation directly at one of our shops or at our office in York Community Stadium. 

If you’re an organisation

If you’re running a corporate event and taking donations either in cash or to a company account, you can still donate. We kindly ask that you tally up the final donation total and send us a cheque, or donate in the normal way through our single donations page. Again, we will send you a thank you along with a receipt of monies received.

Fundraising ideas

Whether you’ve been personally affected by cancer, or simply want to give something back to the community, we always appreciate your fundraising efforts. Organising events, taking part in sports or simply collecting funds aid lifesaving research, local cancer care and support.

You can fundraise for York Against Cancer as an individual or as part of an organisation. Throughout the years we’ve seen all sorts of events organised, and are happy to help you. 

Popular events for York Against Cancer include coffee mornings, sponsored walks, golf days, rock concerts, corporate gatherings and more.

Bake sales and coffee mornings

You might want to put your baking skills to the test or gather round for a chat at a coffee morning.  We can help you with ideas and what’s needed to make your event a success. 


Sporting activities

Whether you’re running a marathon, doing a sponsored walk or climbing a mountain, every penny helps. You can take part in events and take sponsorship money, or organise your own sporting activity to get more people involved. We are always happy to promote your event on our website and on social media.

Organisational events

Perhaps you’re holding an awards evening or a corporate incentive. You can use these to hold raffles, or donate a percentage of the ticket price to York Against Cancer. However you choose to donate, we can offer assistance.

Our fundraising stories

Looking for inspiration? Explore our fundraisers’ stories to find out more about how other people have fundraised for us – it really can be anything from bake sales to sporting challenges.

For more information about fundraising, please give us a call on 01904 764 466 or email

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