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The wheels are back in motion for Yorkshire’s Mobile Chemotherapy Unit

17 Oct 2022

The first mobile chemotherapy unit in Yorkshire is back on the roads after a short period of hiatus due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Originally commissioned by York Against Cancer in 2017, the unit has supported hundreds of patients through their chemotherapy treatments since it’s launch.

Patients under the care of York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, who meet a number of criteria, are offered chemotherapy treatment on the mobile unit, which is staffed by highly trained specialist nurses and has dedicated parking on each site.

The unit gives patients from outlying areas, who would otherwise travel to the trust’s main hospitals in York or Scarborough, the chance to be treated closer to home.  It also helps to alleviate capacity at the main hospitals for longer or more complex procedures.

The £700,000 unit was donated to mark York Against Cancer’s 30th anniversary year, and now celebrating 35 years, we’re pleased to see it back on the roads again, supporting cancer patients through their treatments.

Lizzie Walker, Cancer Services Matron at York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are really excited and proud to see the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) back on the road and delivering care closer to our patients homes. The last few years during the COVID 19 pandemic have been extremely challenging and it was a very difficult decision to take the MCU off the road and focus on delivering care at our main sites.

We know what a positive effect the mobile service has on the patients that visit the unit, it reduces their travel time, is a lovely environment and is close to their homes.

We continue to be very grateful to York Against Cancer for their continued partnership in supporting the running of the MCU. If patients under our care would like to know more about eligibility for treatment on the MCU please discuss this with your nurse.”

L – R: Nicola Copeland, Beth Jaconelli, Wally Bacon, Debbie Kenny, Ami Orejas.

The unit is located at Bridlington hospital every Wednesday, Malton rugby club every Thursday and Selby hospital every Friday, meaning patients from local areas can greatly reduce their travel by being treated closer to home. With four treatment chairs, it is able to accommodate up to 12 patients a day in modern, comfortable surroundings each day.

Julie Russell, CEO of York Against Cancer, added: “The mobile chemotherapy unit has been one of our key milestones in cancer care here at the charity.

“We’re so pleased to see it back on the roads again,  supporting the services offered to patients, both those who use the mobile service and those who continue to be treated at the main hospital sites.”