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Student helps us with Instagram project

14 Apr 2021

A student at the University of York is helping us explore how the social media platform Instagram might help raise awareness both of cancer and of what we offer to people living with the condition. Sophie Curran, from Lancashire, is a third-year biology student at the University of York who is working on our Instagram platform for her final year project.

“The first lockdown in March 2020 really highlighted the ability of social media to help spread messages and showed how it allows people to easily reach a wider audience,” said Sophie. “Sadly the pandemic has deterred some people from going to the doctor. In some cases, this could have led to the later diagnosis of cancers, which could have been treatable if discovered at an earlier stage. I believe it is vitally important, especially now, to utilise social media to help to communicate about cancer to the public.”

To see Sophie’s work in action visit our Instagram account @yorkagainstcancer