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Brass Band Memorial Concert

07 Aug 2023

Where & When

Date: Friday 29th September

Time: 7:30pm

Location: York City Church, Gillygate

Tickets: £7.50

(Image description: The Shepherd Group)

Prepare for a night of heartwarming nostalgia and musical brilliance at the Brass Band Memorial Concert in honour of the beloved Grace Pratt. Taking place on Friday 29th September, starting at 7.30 pm, the enchanting York City Church on Gillygate will play host to this memorable event, orchestrated by the Shepherd Group Brass Band and The Shepherd Group Concert Brass Band.

Grace Pratt was a true York native, whose passion for both York City Football and music knew no bounds. From a young age, she immersed herself in the local brass band scene, becoming an integral part of the York City Brass Band, later transitioning to the York Railway Institute Brass Band, and eventually finding a musical home in the Rowntree Band, now famously known as The Shepherd Group Brass Band. Grace’s journey was one of dedication, and as she gracefully aged, her commitment to the band never faltered, attending every concert and becoming an unwavering supporter.

(Image description: Grace Pratt playing the trumpet)

A cherished member of the band’s history, Grace was also the proud mother of Mike Pratt, a prominent figure in the Senior Band and the conductor of their Concert Brass Band. Even today, Mike’s role in both bands is significant, and he will be conducting some of the enchanting music on this very special night.

The Brass Band Memorial Concert will not only celebrate Grace’s life and passion for music but will also serve as a heartfelt fundraiser for York Against Cancer, the charity closest to her heart. This concert will pay tribute to the precious lives of friends and supporters the band has lost recently, an occasion to say “Thank You” for their invaluable contributions. Grace’s personal connection to York Against Cancer stems from her husband’s battle with the disease, and she recognised the extraordinary work this charity does in supporting those affected by cancer and their families.

(Image description: The Shepherd Group)

Join us as The Shepherd Group Brass Band and The Shepherd Group Concert Brass Band take the stage, harmonizing a delightful medley of songs that Grace adored listening to and performing herself. From the captivating sounds of Big Band to the sweeping beauty of Orchestral arrangements, the music will sweep you away on an unforgettable journey.

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