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Yorkshire Day 2023

01 Aug 2023

Today we celebrate all things Yorkshire!

At York Against Cancer, we couldn’t be prouder to be part of Yorkshire. Our services run across North and East Yorkshire, helping all we can with resources like our minibus, The Leveson Centre, the York Against Cancer funded Mobile Chemotherapy Unit (MCU) and more.

(Image description: The York Against Cancer minibus)

Our free minibus service is designed to make cancer treatment more accessible within Yorkshire. It takes patients from their homes in and around York to their radiotherapy appointments in St James’ Hospital, Leeds, offering a lift to those who may otherwise find it difficult to make it. Not only does our minibus eliminate things like fuel and parking costs, it has also been found to foster its own sense of community, with patients often keeping in touch with each other as they build friendships and share their experiences on board.

(Image description: The Mobile Chemotherapy Unit)

In 2017, we were pleased to fund Yorkshire’s first MCU. This £700,000 unit works to bring cancer treatment closer to home, cutting out the stress and time of long journeys to appointments that can often take as little as 15 minutes. We are glad to provide a more convenient place for cancer patients to receive their treatment while also alleviating some of the strain on the main hospitals.

(Image description: The Leveson Centre)

Our cancer support centre, The Leveson Centre, opened earlier this year and is a welcome new addition to Yorkshire’s cancer resources. Since opening, we have welcomed more than 1,500 people through the doors, offering services such as free complementary therapy, occupational health consultations, psychological services for adolescents with family members going through cancer, and more. The Leveson Centre is open 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, and offers a community hub within Yorkshire for cancer patients and their loved ones to find others in similar situations, make use of our support services or simply have a cuppa and a chat.

Through all of our York Against Cancer resources, we hope to alleviate some of the stress and hardship that comes with a cancer diagnosis and provide services that patients can not only use, but find a community in across North and East Yorkshire.

Today is a day where all of Yorkshire can come together and celebrate the culture of England’s largest county – from the people, the landscapes and the region’s distinctive traditions. We are proud to be included in Yorkshire’s long list of what makes up this fantastic county.

(Image description: York Minster)

Each year, Yorkshire Day brings an official Civic Celebration which is attended by civic leaders, VIP guests and members of the Yorkshire Society. A “Declaration of Integrity” is held during this meeting, an affirmation of everything Yorkshire and what it means to be part of the county.

We are honoured to have such a wonderful community at York Against Cancer. From fundraisers to volunteers to the local businesses who display our collection cans, we have such a wealth of amazing people who support us across the county. That’s why we want to say a huge thank you and join the rest of Yorkshire as we celebrate this year’s Yorkshire Day!

Learn more about Yorkshire Day on The Yorkshire Society website.