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The Importance of Cancer Screening

14 Oct 2021

At York Against Cancer, we believe that cancer prevention is just as important as cancer treatment. Cancer screening can be the first step toward this.

Screening involves diagnostic tests to identify people who may have an increased risk of developing cancer or may have early stages. These people often have no symptoms, so screening is hugely important and can make a life-changing impact.

The sessions may, in some cases, lead to earlier detection of common cancers. This can result in more effective treatment and a longer life expectancy, while reducing the risks of adverse effects.

At present, there are three main screening programmes. You can find out more on or on the NHS screening website.

Breast cancer screening

This is available to women in the UK aged 50 to 70, or those who have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer.

Bowel cancer screening

This is available to men and women from ages 55 and up, while those aged 60 to 74 can also have additional sampling tests.

Cervical cancer screening

Women aged 25 years and up are invited to have a cervical screening test every three years until they reach 49, after which they can have screening tests every five years up to age 65. HPV vaccinations are also available to teenage girls.

If you are eligible for any of the above, it is York Against Cancer’s advice to get screened!