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Professor Jenny Southgate

As Director of the Jack Birch Unit, Professor Jenny Southgate is most proud of two pieces of research the unit has undertaken – one of which is a study that has been a major advance for both cancer research and tissue engineering.

“A discovery we have made researching cell tissue has been really important for understanding how cells change in cancer, and has also opened possibilities of cell therapies in patients with diseased bladders,” said Professor Southgate.

The research has been patented and the unit is working with collaborators across Europe to interpret the findings in terms of the development of cancer.

However the woman who leads York Against Cancer’s ground-breaking research at the University of York isn’t a typical research scientist. Growing up, Professor Jenny Southgate didn’t have a clear career plan. It was only when she was undertaking her O-Levels that she became interested in biology and ‘how cells worked’.

A researcher stood in front of a large image of her work