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What are the benefits of quitting smoking? 

The benefits of quitting smoking start from as little as 20 minutes after putting out a cigarette. Your pulse rate will return to normal, and after eight hours, levels of harmful carbon monoxide in the blood will have reduced by half.

In two days, your blood will have flushed out all carbon monoxide, and by day three, you’ll have more energy. In as little as two weeks, your circulation will improve, encouraging better movement.

Later on, you’ll also see improved lung function of up to 10%, as well as a reduced risk of cancer, heart attack and developing Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (or Emphysema), a life restricting respiratory condition.

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At York Against Cancer, we’re massive believers in changing your lifestyle for the better. Stopping smoking, getting active and improving our diet is something we should all be doing. You can find lots of resources on improving your health on the NHS website, or feel free to contact us.

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